About Renee

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Renee Kardash, and I'm a Winnipeg based photographer (but willing to travel)! My biggest passions and goals in life can pretty much be summarized by the following five simple rules:

No amount of time is ever enough with family.

Get on an airplane as many times as possible and experience the world.

Coffee is a must.

Check off as many things from my bucket list as possible.

Being the best auntie/sister/daughter that I can be.

My style has been described as candid, bright, authentic and joyful. My signature look for my photos is capturing those candid moments when no one is looking. To me “the shot” is not when the couple is looking at me with a forced smile on their face - it’s what happens after that. When I ask them to do something that may feel a bit awkward but gets them giggling in the best way. I love catching that genuine laugh after that posed shot, or the groom gazing at his beautiful bride, or the bridesmaids chatting and laughing with each other. Those are the moments that are genuine and real, and that’s what I love to bring out in my photos.

I’m so glad you came across my site! If you would like to keep reading more about me and my crazy life, click on to “read more”...

The Collections


Every couple is unique, and therefore will value different items they feel will tell the story of their wedding day in the best way. I would like you to have the freedom to choose what would be best for your personalized wedding collection, rather than be given a list of packages that includes items you may not value. 

My collections start at $2,000, and from there you have the freedom to decide what goodies you would like to add. Get in touch with me for more details! 

Starting at $2000